Desert Run - Project 52 - Week 5

Joshua Tree  

This past week was the Birthday of one of my closest friends, Andy.   Usually would have been spent on the green, trying our best to not be the worst golfers on the course. I wanted to switch things up, being that andy got some new photography equipment, I knew he would enjoy testing it out in a new environment.  So I called him a few days before the weekend and asked if he wanted to take a day trip to Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree is one of Americas newest national parks. The park  is located in southern California about 150 miles east of Los Angeles and north of Palm Springs, preserves sections of two of North America's great deserts and several mountain ranges in its 793,000 acres. Despite its desert location, the park features a wide variety of plants and animals, not the least of which is the famous plant for which the park is named, the Joshua tree. Not actually a tree, the Joshua tree is a giant yucca plant--Yucca Brevifolia--the short leaved yucca. The plant was supposedly named by the Mormons who thought it resembled the biblical Joshua welcoming them with upturned arms. These plants, along with the rocky hills, create an other-worldly appearance unlike anything else that can be found in the national park system.

After arriving at sunset, we went for a hike and just admired the parks beauty at a site called "Hall of Horrors" which my brother had recommended. The colors and stars that appeared in the sky was breathtaking. Joshua Tree is well known for its dark skies, which are largely free from southern California's extreme light pollution.  Our minds were blown.  Once the moon started to rise we got our photo gear out and put Andys lights to the test with some killer portraits. We also did some light painting and one of my favs, long exposures. It was a rough drive home at 2am from Joshua Tree, but completely worth it.

First losers - 52 Project - Week 3

field of a murder  

Joined an indoor soccer team a couple months ago with  friends.  Did damn good, considering most of us hadn't played for some time. A loss, a tie and the rest wins. Steam rolled the playoffs and last Thursday was the Finals.

We got murdered, by a group straight off the Argentina National squad. (I'm sticking to that story)


sounds closer than it was


I'm coming to visit! 52 Project - Week 2

Cali Visit  This past weekend, my friend Mal flew in from Canada. Mal and I met 2 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, on a day walking tour through the city. The next day and a half we did what most travelers do, we followed it up with more sights, a few bars, randomness and getting to know each other. We swapped emails then we were off on our separate ways to new cities and adventures. We stayed in touch afterwards and a few weeks ago I received an email that said,"Hey, Im coming to visit!" "Sweet! Finally! " Mal brought her friend Krystle with her and I tried showing them a fun OC / SoCal experience. Newport, La, HB, Hollywood, Knotts Scary Farm, Venice, Rainbows, Triangle square, Roscoes, Laguna, San Clemente, a hike, party night, party day, paddle boarding and even some surfing lessons. They met several of my amazing friends and genuinely had an amazing time (i hope).

Along with awesome memories, my travels have blessed me with so many amazing friends across this beautiful world from different cultures, religions, and ages. We all found common ground to build long and lasting relationships. Next year, I’ll be traveling to France, to go to a wedding of people I met in London. I love the randomness of it all. There is so much out there if you choose to seek it. Think about how much you limit your life by only experiencing what may be in a 100 miles radius. Your future best friend, wife or husband may be out there.

Appreciate the world beyond your doorstep.

Gone Fishing - 52 project- Week 1

Papi My friend Quan and I talked about starting a 52 project some time ago.  Well, he started and now is more than half way through it. lol Every week I had some excuse to put it off and with that, the weeks passed.

I knew with this pic, this would be my week to start.  On Friday I had a trip planned with friends to go deep sea fishing. Last minute, I asked if they would mind if I brought my Pops.

We had a great time. He was one of the boys. Sharing drinks, stories and the sea.

With a couple spare minutes before we had to check in to the boat.  I had an idea for a pic. He  used to take me fishing off Balboa Pier when I was a kid. We never caught much.  But it was something we always did growing up and it was always the "best day ever!" That long walk down to the end of the pier. Holding his hand. Ready to play with the slimy bait. Excited for the hundreds of fish, my imagination had me reeling in. Here we were once again. Gone fishing with Pops.

Best day ever.