Magic Hour Foundation - 52 Project - Week 44

August 17, 2015

This weeks post differs because it is a photo of my computer screen. I know, not exciting or special to look at. Its what is on the screen that got me pumped! I decided to write about it rather than post my favorite photo from the week. It was an email from the Magic Hour Foundation.

The Magic hour foundation is a 'national network of professional photographers who want to serve the individuals and families who are fighting cancer by providing them with the ability to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions will provide an opportunity to be normal – just relax, smile and have fun with loved ones. Above all, we will strive to express compassion and love as we support them no matter the outcome of their battle.'

About a year ago, I assisted my friend Andy in a Magic Hour Session and it was quite a rewarding experience. We had a great shoot with Raquel, filled with laughs. Followed by her thank yous to Andy and even I on helping, for this gift.  I knew that eventually, I would love to be the photographer volunteering and being able to give a person in need, a portrait they loved. So when the Foundation started accepting applications from Photographers again, I submitted myself. I didn't have high hopes on being accepted, as I don't have the years and body of work/experience under my belt that the photographers in this network do. But I took a shot anyway. Well, they reviewed my work, information and I am now an official Magic Hour Photographer! Can't wait to help individuals and their families celebrate the truly important things in life through my photography.