A day with Dad - 52 Project - Week 18



 This past Friday I had a relatively open day, except for a morning meeting in downtown, Los Angeles. So the night before I called my Pops and asked if he wanted to come out of retirement, join me for the meeting and after we could spend the day together. 

He obliged 

We had a great day, sold some sugar, cultured ourselves up with a visit to LACMA and had a delicious meal at Beverly Tofu in, Koreatown. I feel really fortunate to still have my Parents around. Hate to admit it, but I spent the better part of my 20s hanging with friends and exes. 

But in my 30s, I have learned more about them then I had all the years prior. I make them pose for pictures, take them on outings. Spend real quality time with them. Reality is, they won't be around forever. But memories like this day, will last a lifetime.